Thursday, February 17, 2011

create the most beautiful the most simple way

I often have conversations with people about photoshop. For me a moment should be  captured in it's natural way, using your skills as a photographer to make the most of available light & your camera. I believe this is honest & real photography. Simple is best. Time is better spent observing and shooting and this is how I become most inspired and learn to perfect my craft as a photographer. Scott Schumann of the blog the Satorialist ( who I had the pleasure of meeting at his book event) has the same idea, to shoot something and create the most beautiful image in the most simple way. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

shhhh it's another Secret War

Secret Wars continues on with the first semi final for Melbourne. I went along to shoot for laneway magazine and while Scale and Pierre Lloga were going pen to pen the Asahi was flowing & hip hop was all around. You wanna know who's the winner don't you ? Watch my stop motion below to find out...

Friday, February 4, 2011

All the fine horses

In Melbourne, tourists can ride in a horse and carriage around the city. I never really take much notice of them but the other night while walking home from an art show I stopped and watched for a while. It makes me a little sad that these horses have to work so hard in the middle of a bustling city, nonetheless they are still beautiful.

Just testing

Right now I'm trying out some new designs and layouts for my blog. It's very fun changing it up especially now I've discovered that I can have uber large images ! I'm not the most technically gifted pea in the pod and I tend to change my mind about every 5 seconds so bare with me if things seem a little whackadoodle. 

Sneaker Peeper

I was invited to Feiyue Shoes Australia launch last night by my friend who works for street and sneaker loving magazine, Acclaim. A bunch of creative types were commissioned to take Feiyue sneakers and turn them into glorious pieces of art. The origami crane made out of sneakers was my favourite..すごい! 

yes that is a hamburger made of shoes...I didn't try it though, apparently the patty was a bit rubbery.