Thursday, December 5, 2013

In an Instagram

Hello stranger. Haven't seen you in a while, which isn't to say I haven't been photographing. The past few months have been busy, working on the other side of the city (hello hour and a half long commute!) has put a halt on my blog but I have been shooting, including a major food photography project (which I will share once the final product is out!). I have also been instagramming. I only got a smart phone earlier this year and was totally against them. Now I have a somewhat love hate relationship with my phone, it's not at all fancy, actually it was the cheapest one in the shop. So with this non fancy phone I've grown to love Instagram. I love that I can whip my 'camera' out and take sneaky photos of people on the street, or record wonderful colour combinations or quickly snap a fleeting moment when the light is just so. Here are a few of my instagram shots, I hope you enjoy them. You can follow me there at /oliviablackburnphotography .