Thursday, September 24, 2009


Digital cameras are pretty much the norm when it comes to our photographic habits. As much as I LOVE the freedom to take as many digital photos as I like, share them instantly with my friends & delete them if I'm not satisfied there truely is nothing like the anticipation of waiting for your roll of film to be developed at the photo lab.

Lomo cameras like Holga have taken on a cult following. The cheeply made plastic cameras take 120mm film (which basically means they come out in a funky sqaure format) and because they ARE so cheap light will often leak into the film leaving you with nifty glowy streaks of light. For some this could be frustrating, but for others -like me- it just adds to the uniqueness of the photo and also makes things look very arty and cool!

I received my first Holga camera from some work colleagues in Japan. They also gave me an awesome fish eye lens. Here are some of my own holga snaps, scanned for your digital viewing pleasure of course ;)

  • Don't forget to take your lens cap off!
  • To prevent the back of your camera falling off and exposing your film tie a giant rubber band around it
  • Don't look for an LCD screen. There is none.
  • Take a photo, then another and another without winding the film between shots. This will create a cool overlapping effect like these ones



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