Monday, March 22, 2010

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week 2010

I had the privilege of photographing Melbourne Fashion Festival last week for the website Thescene. What a fun and amazing experience, I mainly shot runway as backstage access was restricted. 

While I was at the festival I caught up with photographer Wendell Teodoro who let me use his amazingly huge and fantastic telephoto lens (see portrait shots of the models on the runway). Thank you Wendell for all your fantastic mentoring and teaching skills. My photographic heart is full. 

(one my  most favourite pictures from the week)

As a bit of an insight, I thought I would give you the low down on what happens when you're photographing these things:

Step 1: Arrive at venue at least half an hour before show and pick up media pass

Step 2: Find a seat in the "pit" (where all the photographers sit, it's usually at the end of the runway). Some media have their spot marked out so be careful not to stand on those spots. front centre is great and up high is best. 

Step 3: Set up your gear, adjust camear settings, test the light, chat to other photographers.

Step 4: Guests will start to arrive, red carpet photographers will take pictures of celebs, designers, fashion elite and socialites and these people will get shown to their seats (VIPS and media in the front row -depending on their status)

Step 5: The show is about to start: get your camera up and ready and start shooting!!!

Step 6: Shoot shoot shoot! Shots must be sharp, clean and centred oh and & feet must be down

Step 7: Scour the place for left over goody bags, review your pictures and send to your editor! 

Step 8: get very little sleep ready to do it all again the next day or night

An exciting 6 days led to these pictures and millions more, enjoy! 

(another one of my favourite pictures, extra proud of this one's sharpness :) )

mmm feathery details

Please remember boys and girls - these photos are taken by Olivia Blackburn - if you want to use them on your blog or whatever let me know and credit my name- cool? cheers ;)


  1. Great looking shots Olivia! :)

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