Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapel Street Bazaar

The Chapel Street Bazaar is just's bazaar. The massive junk shop/ vintage shopping warehouse/ retro haven provides plenty of nostalgia and a good excuse to fill in 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. While I got incredibly lost in all it's vintage glory I did discover some rather delightful bits and pieces amongst the nooks and crannies...makes me wanna move to 1963 but then come back to 2010 so I can share it with ya'll! 

The old fashion mags from the 60s were my favourite. 

love her mustard tights...

Look at these amazingly cute and kitsch recipe books...mmmm the wonders of cooking with sour cream....

why yes I would like something different thank you Jell-O for opening my eyes to your wonderful relishes...not sure about Jell-O in a salad though. 

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