Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready for lift off

Fashion week is in 2 days! There are so many exciting things happening. I'm going to be absolutely flat out so blog/twitter/facebook/e-mails are going to be put on hold until I get back and recover from fashion madness.

I'm off to Sydney tomorrow and in the middle of packing, I can usually manage to squeeze a weeks worth of items into 7kilos of pure carry on baggage bliss. Trips to and around Japan, Chile, and fitting 2 months worth of gear into my backpack for Europe have  turned me into a super duper packing pro. 

Even though Sydney is only a small hop skip and a jump away I've found blogger Lady Melbourne's travel tips quite handy when packing for the week of fashion madness. Thank you Lady Melbourne!

Lady Melbourne TV:  Happy Friday chat about travel from Lady Melbourne on Vimeo.

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