Thursday, July 1, 2010

Claire Inc. opening night at Alice Euphemia

I tottered down to Alice Euphemia tonight for some vintage 80's & 90's glory & a glass of vino. Plenty of fashionable folk and some lovely shots were taken :) 

mmm I love a juj'd sleeve
and then I oohhed and ahhed over these origami necklaces from CT Designs (which I think is Claire Taylor,  correct me if I'm wrong) I think I have to save my pennies for one

Oh yes yum. Finished with tofu at the tofu shop on bridge road 
Fashion + Tofu ÷ photography = pleasure

nerd fact : while googling for the "÷" ( I couldn't find it on my keyboard)  I discovered that it is actually called an obelus and was first used as a division symbol in 1659. Amazing. 

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