Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hair Expo Gala Highlights

I've been meaning to blog some more about the hair expo in Sydney last month. This is the first time I'd been to such an event. It really was a hair raising (hadehaha) experience. Basically it's an event where guys and gals from the hair industry (& make up industry peeps too) come together for one big sha bang of a weekend to promote their products. In the evenings massive gala events are held where teams of hair stylists represent their salon and create the biggest and bestest most out there hair creations (now I call them creations because they really are works of art). It's a prestige thing, the winner is the king or queen of the hair castle and gets to carry the hair expo trophy. Have a look at some of the creations & back stage prep. 

I'm sorry but this reminds me of Kin no unko



  1. Livvy....these photos are brilliant! I am so proud of you and the accomplishments you are making on your photographic journey. They are absolutely beautiful! XXOO

  2. Thank you so much Megs :) that means a lot