Thursday, October 8, 2009

Médecins Sans Frontières

One of the best things about being a photographer is being able to meet people that you wouldn't normally get to meet or attend events that you usually wouldn't get to experience.

As part of a university project my classmates and I are putting together a multimedia story about the Refugee Camp in the City event which is taking place in Melbourne right now. It was my job to take pictures and conduct interviews. Doctors Without Borders do some fantastic work and it was a definite eye opener to see what life is like for the 15.2 million refugees and the 26 million internally displaced persons around the world. 

Here are some images from todays excursion:

this is the daily rasshun of food per person

 Children's "plumpy nut" packs. These provide nutriants for malnurished children in refugee camps. 

 People need to be resourceful and often the camp will be their home for months or even years, here is a child's toy made from old rubber sandals!
Tents were set up and displayed to give an idea of the living conditions at a refugee camp. The tent on the left would house a family of 6 while the tent on the right would house a group of around ten people.

The tents were cramped, I could touch the roof of this tent.

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