Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Movie Stills

Being a poor student I have to get my magazine fix from the library. An article in last year's French Elle had some beautiful stills of Coco Avant Chanel.I'm a lover of photography but also a lover of film so what happens when you merge those two loves together? Movie photography! Behind the scenes stills on a movie set give you an insight into the creative and the techincal process of film making. Number one films that I could watch over and over again:
Amelie, Marie Antoinette & Lost in Translation.

How gorgeous is this shot of director Sofia Copolla amongst the 18th century Parisian party goers?

Marie Antoinette photos from IGN

 or these shots from November 2008 issue of French Elle? Beautiful non?!


Read this article on the role of the movie photographer

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